#kitleadingladies: What's Your Mantra?

#kitleadingladies: What's Your Mantra?

We all have that saying that gets us through the day (or the project, or the stubborn challenge). Mine is: "Just keep making it better." For our final installment of #kitleadingladies, we were curious to hear what keeps our amazing participants on track.

Nadine Gabai Botero | Focus Fundraising

“Partner Everything.”

As a small business owner, my goal is to continue expanding our offerings to meet our client’s fundraising and strategy needs. But, I don’t want to manage a large team or hire a big staff. So we are always looking for the right people to work with that can balance our capabilities. This approach has helped me connect with other consultants and build ties to others looking to work smarter and keep a balance in their lives.



Nicole Aguirre | Worn 

"DROOM: Don’t run out of money.”

This is my work mantra. If you run out of money it’s game over.



Svetlana Legetic | BrightestYoungThings

"The easiest thing in the world is to be nice."

Everything else is extra effort. Know your worth, but be nice. And why? Because people like working with people they like.



Caroline Mauldin | Social Entrepreneur

I actually have a mantra that is very dear to me. All clichés aside, it came to me while I was meditating in a Buddhist dzong in the Himalayan country of Bhutan. We'd just hiked straight up this enormous mountain, and my heart was pumping seemingly in time with the monks' chanting. A series of phrases flowed into my mind so quickly that I was nervous I would forget them. Little did I know that they would become my mantra and guide from that point on:

"Live through Love. Without Judgment. Open to Suffering. Offering Compassion. With Balance, Trust. Hold the Center."

Each phrase is so powerful on its own, and I've found they speak to me differently at different times. But altogether, they reflect the communion of my Christian faith with my Buddhist aspirations. If I can truly live out this mantra every moment, every day, I think I'll be doing all right.



Ming Thompson | Atelier Cho Thompson

We recently finished a project for a middle school cafeteria in San Francisco, and we included a quotation from Maya Angelou that is my current mantra:

"Nothing works unless you do."


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