A Day in the Life: Kirsten Thibault

A Day in the Life: Kirsten Thibault

My name is...   Kirsten.

My current season in life is...   busy!

I am...   originally from California, but have been living in Toronto, Canada, since 2012. I work at Google on a sales team leading research and insights. I'm a mom to Anna (2 years old) and Reah (our 11 year old Great Dane/Lab mix).


The craziest day of my week is always....   Monday. 

I start my day at...   6am. 

I have to _________ before I can do anything else.

Brush my teeth and shower. 


My best 'getting ready for the day' hack is:

Streamlining my wardrobe to free up mental energy: create a work 'uniform' so I don't spend too much time agonizing over what to wear.


I drink _______ cups of ________ a day.

5 cups of hot water (sometimes with lemon). 


Breakfast is typically....

Eaten at work (I'm very lucky to work at Google where they provide delicious food!). Before work, I chat with my daughter while she eats breakfast.


And then I'm off to...   meetings or working on my computer. 


In my ideal world I would spend my morning _______ but in reality it looks more like ______.

ideal world: doing yoga, leisurely breakfast / reality: multi-tasking (eating + working)


If I'm lucky I get to eat lunch at _______ and it is _______.

Noon and it is delicious (again: thanks Google!)


But, let's be honest, it's usually ________ at _______.

no really, noon and delicious!


And then on to the afternoon, when I'm tackling...   more projects. 


Right now I'm grappling with...   creating a vision board for my life 5 and 10 years from now.


My evening and dinner routine is...

My time with my daughter and husband. We make her dinner, help her with a bath, walk the dog, read stories, sing songs, put her to bed then eat our adult dinner, catch up about our days, log back in to do a little more work, try to read before bed or watch something on Netflix.


I aim to get in bed by ______ but it's usually more like ______.

10pm ... 10:30pm


It's been a good day if...   I'm productive at work and get to spend time with my family.


I couldn't get through the day without _______ and I totally rely on ________.

My phone!!


Right now I'm feeling ______ about life.



I wish I had more _______ and less _______.

More time and less stress


The best part of my day is....   

Walking in the front door after work and Anna running up to me for a hug (and she likes me to tell her: "I missed you soooo much!")


The one thing I try to do every day is _______.

Practice mindfulness and be thankful.


The very last three things I do every day are...

Brush my teeth, put on my eye mask, and kiss my husband good night.


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