A Day in the Life: Natalie Christopher

A Day in the Life: Natalie Christopher

My name is...   Natalie Christopher


My current season in life is...   Is there a season called survival?


I am...   34, Director of Customer Experience at Kit, mom, and wife


The craziest day of my week is always....   Thursday.


I start my day at...   5 am.


I have to _________ before I can do anything else.   

Drink a small cup of ice coffee followed by a run. I have an awesome group of women that I run with three times a week. It is early, but totally worth it.


My best 'getting ready for the day' hack is:

First, exercise. The endorphins help me make it through the stress of wrangling my two children. Second, I created these little routine charts for the kids. They have a list with pictures of all the things they need to do to get ready for school.


I drink _______ cups of ________ a day.   3 cups of coffee and a million gallons of water.


Breakfast is typically....   Peanut butter toast and a banana. 


And then I'm off to...   

Hannah and I motivate Andrew to walk down the street and go into his little school without making a huge fuss. Then we walk, jog, or skip back to the house to jump in the car and beat the elementary school bell. After drop offs, I come home and settle in with a cup of coffee and work.


In my ideal world I would spend my morning _______ but in reality it looks more like ______.

Slowing down in every way. I feel like I'm constantly working against a clock of pick ups and drop offs and to do lists.


If I'm lucky I get to eat lunch at _______ and it is _______.

Noon, a turkey wrap with a LaCroix


But, let's be honest, it's usually ________ at _______.

It is usually that but around 2 pm. 


And then on to the afternoon, when I'm tackling...

Right now, I have Andrew in the afternoon, so I try to have him nap or do a quiet time, so I can finish up any remaining work from the morning.


Right now I'm grappling with...   

I'm a grappler on just about every topic. Right now, I struggle with the right equation of childcare and work balance. Where will the kids thrive and allow me enough time to get work completed?


My evening and dinner routine is...

On Thursdays, we have activities and Layne works late. We usually get home from gymnastics around 5:30. I try to figure out something nutritious but easy for both the kids and me to eat.


I aim to get in bed by ______ but it's usually more like ______.

10 but usually it's more like 11:30.


It's been a good day if...  

I've done something intentional. My day to day seems like survival and a bit like groundhog day. It is hard to not just go through the motions and make it to bedtime. If something as small as a real conversation happens during the day, it makes me feel enormously better.


I couldn't get through the day without _______ and I totally rely on ________.

Friends and family. My husband's parents live nearby as my mother in law recovers from her stroke, and my father in law has stepped in several times to help with pick up or drop off when I haven't been able to make it. The kids love it and it is great to have someone you can call in a pinch.


Right now I'm feeling ______ about life.   

Mostly good but sometimes intimidated. We have entered this time of activities and elementary school. It is intimidating to think this is just the first child and the start of different school schedules and activities. I have never spent so much time in my car as I do now.


I wish I had more _______ and less _______.   

Of an immune system and less chance of catching every weird bug the kids bring home.


The best part of my day is....   as hectic as it is, dinner is when the kids really start talking about school and their days. It is hilarious to hear a random song learned in music or playground story.


The one thing I try to do every day is _______.   Exercise and talk to my family about their days.


The very last three things I do every day are...

Sweep, put away laundry, and read.

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