The Kit Fit

As you look at our product pages, you might notice something: no sizesThat's because standard sizing doesn't work. We spent a year developing a fit system that seeks to create the perfect fit for your body rather than trying to shoe-horn you into an arbitrary size. In order to get your fit right, we take a mental snapshot of your body in the Account section, which you can complete now or when you check out. We'll never ask you to choose a size when you're adding a product to your shopping cart. Your fit information is just between us - we don’t share your data with anyone - and it only takes two minutes!



Why do we go to all that trouble? Because we want you in a garment that fits you perfectly. That's also why we offer free tailoring and exchanges on every garment; we'll tailor a garment until it's right for you. And, of course, we also offer free returns, because sometimes a style just doesn't work for everyone.


Here's how it works