A Day in the Life: Kate Weir

A Day in the Life: Kate Weir

My name is...    Kate 


My current season in life is...    A new mom


I am...   33, a corporate crisis management consultant, wife, boy mom, and dog mom.


The craziest day of my week is always...    My schedule is so variable, but if shit is going to hit the fan, it’s usually Friday at 4pm


I start my day at...    5:30 


I have to _________ before I can do anything else.

These days? Pump.


My best 'getting ready for the day' hack is:   I do as much as I can the night before, but especially make sure the coffee is ready to go


I drink _______ cups of ________ a day.

Is 2 cups of wine the right answer?? But also 2-4 cups of coffee. And a LOT of water.


Breakfast is typically....

Leftovers or veggies and protein from the fridge. I can’t skimp on breakfast.


And then I'm off to...   Well, 3-4 days a week it’s crossfit before breakfast. But after breakfast, I’m usually off to my office.


 In my ideal world I would spend my morning _______ but in reality it looks more like ______.

Waking up at 6/630, reading a bit while having coffee and breakfast, playing with my son, then gym then work. In reality? Hoping I finish pumping before he wakes up, then giving the bottle to my husband as I leave the house for the gym. I have to make time for that — self care, I guess you could call it. I’m really not a happy person to be around if I don’t get a few workouts in. Fortunately my husband knows this!


If I'm lucky I get to eat lunch at _______ and it is _______.

I always eat. I get hangry very easily! Lunch is usually in the noon hour and a salad or lately Cava since it’s across the street and you can order online and pick it up.


But, let's be honest, it's usually ________ at _______.

No really! I usually eat at “normal” lunch time! I suppose that’s one of the perks of being in a real office? Also I always have snacks with me (see: hangry).


And then on to the afternoon, when I'm tackling...

More work. Usually phone calls. I feel like I’m always on the phone. Anyone seen those memes about conference calls? “Oh, sorry, I was on mute...” yup. That’s my work life.


Right now I'm grappling with...

Trying to figure out if this is the career I really want to pursue.


My evening and dinner routine is...

My husband does mornings with the baby, so I do evenings. The nanny leaves at 530, so I have an unavoidable end to my work day (even if it means I do more work later). My son and I usually take the dog for a walk, then it’s dinner, bath, and bedtime for him. It’s the 90mins a day I totally ignore my phone and it’s awesome. I usually make dinner once he goes down. I love to cook, but I’ve had to work on finding healthy options that I can make quickly so we’re not eating dinner at 830pm.


I aim to get in bed by ______ but it's usually more like ______.



It's been a good day if...

I’ve gotten a workout in, spent some good time with my son, and at least got something accomplished at work!


I couldn't get through the day without _______ and I totally rely on ________.

Hmm. This is a tricky one. I don’t think there is anything tangible that I totally rely on every day. I’m a firm believer in trying to recognize what I can control and what I can’t - and if I can’t do anything about “it,” I try to let it go. Honestly I think that goes a long way in helping me get through the day.


Right now I'm feeling ______ about life.

In the words of Kathleen McDermott, “all the things.” Personally, I’m really enjoying being a mom way more than I thought I would. Professionally, it may be time for a change so that uncertainty is definitely weighing on me.


I wish I had more _______ and less _______.

More money less work? Ha! I don’t know. I’m pretty content with what I have right now, even when you toss the stressful days in the mix.


The best part of my day is....

Right after I’ve fed Barrett, when we’re rocking before I put him in his crib. Regardless of how my day has been, in those few minutes he manages to press the reset button for me.


The one thing I try to do every day is _______.

Spend a few minutes by myself, quietly, not looking at any devices or listening to anything. I wouldn’t call it meditating, per se, but maybe just pausing.


The very last three things I do every day are...

Give the dog a snuggle, brush my teeth, set my alarm. Not that my husband gets left out, but I usually go to bed before him! I’m definitely the one requiring more sleep.

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