How Kit Works

Our goal is to create clothing that perfectly suits your style, needs, and figure. Which is you're able to customize your garment - choosing the fabric, hem length, and finishes that you prefer - before we make it from scratch in our Houston, Texas design studio. It's also why we created a fit system that takes a 360 view of your body rather than assigning you an arbitrary size. And it's why we have personalized customer service: free tailoring, helpful, accessible Kit staff, and a liberal returns and exchanges policy.  


Step 01
Choose your style. Let us know if you'd like to go completely custom.
Step 02
Choose your fabric. Order a swatch if you're not sure which to choose.
Step 03
Customize your garment details & let us know if you have a special request.
Step 04
Complete your fit profile when you check out - no choosing sizes!
Step 05
Your garment is made to order by a skilled seamstress in Houston TX.
Step 06
Your garment is shipped to you within three weeks of your order date.
Step 07
Try it on! Let us know how it fits & if you'd like to edit the fit or style.
Step 08
Any alterations necessary are completed in house & free of charge.
Step 09
Go out and conquer the world! Or your busiest day - your choice.


At Kit, you shop like you would on any other website: by style. From there, you customize your garment: pick your ideal fabric (order a free swatch if you're not sure!), choose details like hem length, and let us know if you have any special requests. Here's the big difference: you don't choose a size. Rather, you complete a fit profile that takes about two minutes when you check out. You can also submit measurements if you'd like, but that's totally optional. Once we receive your order, our skilled seamstresses whip up the garment in our Houston workshop. 100% of our garments are made in the USA.

It typically takes us about two weeks to create your garment, and then another week for shipping. Once you receive your garment, our friendly customer service staff will be in touch to check on the fit and to see if you require any alterations. Tailoring is included in the price of each garment, and any alterations or exchanges are always free of charge (including shipping for alterations).

    We do things differently for a reason: you

    At the end of the day, we're women just like you. We don't have a ton of time to shop and we're disappointed with the lackluster offerings. We deserve better. We wanted to build our ideal clothing company from the ground up; one designed to serve its customers through great fit, quality, and service.