We know you have questions. We've tried our best to answer some of our most frequently asked questions below. Still have a question? We would love to hear it!  Drop us a note at help@kitmade.co.


Q: What size am I?

A: We have thrown the traditional sizing system to the wind!  Instead, we build a unique fit profile by asking a number of fit-based questions.  To read more about our approach to fit, check out our Kit Fit page.  

Q: Where is my fit profile?

A: Your fit profile is stored within the My Account section of the website.  New customers are welcome to create their accounts prior or after they find that perfect Kit style.  Our fit questions help us assess your fit based on a combination of factors, including body type, height, weight, and muscular build. If you have any questions about your fit or would like to send us exact measurements, reach out to help@kitmade.co

Q: What if I want to send in my measurements?

A: Yes! When you fill out your fit quiz, please click the box yes to have us email you to get your measurements. Or just email us at help@kitmade.co to receive the Kit measurement chart.

Q: Why doesn’t Kit have my fit?

A: We have started small, and as we grow, we are slowly refining our fit data to refine our styles and expand our fit profiles. Right now, our weight ranges cover 100 - 200 lbs. We are working to expand that range, as our aim to is serve everyone. But, first, we want to make sure we get the fit right! 

Q: If my size changes, how do I adjust my fit profile?

A: It's easy. Simply log into your account and update your answers to the fit questions. Your fit information is always available to you.

Q: How did Kit develop its sizing model?

A: Our Founder & CEO took her love of design and knack for problem solving and applied it to a major disconnect in women’s apparel: why don’t clothes fit well?

Over several years, she spent a lot of time with women, their bodies, and their clothes to try and find a solution. Hundreds of body measurements and countless hours of obsessive data analysis later, the solution slowly emerged and Kit was born. 

Q: I received my garment and the fit isn’t quite right.  Did the fit algorithm malfunction? 

A: No! We are still working to perfect our fit algorithm. Customers, especially new customers, receive garments that may require tweaks to meet their specific fit preferences.  The good news is that once you tell us you like a dress a bit longer or a closer fitting blouse, we store that information on our backend system for all future orders.  


Q: How do I learn more about your fabrics, which fabrics go with which styles, and order fabric swatches? 

A: We love fabrics so much that we dedicated an entire section of our website just to it: Our Fabric page. We have more information on each of our fabrics and a place to order fabric swatches. Have more questions? No problem! Reach out to us at: help@kitmade.co.   

Q: Where can I find more information on the care of my garment?

 A: We detail the care for each fabric on its dedicated page on in the fabric section of our page.

Q: What is custom? How does it differ from our current styles?

A: All Kit garments are customizable to a point. Our custom service allows our customers to create a garment beyond those selections. This may be as simple as using their own fabric on an existing style or it may be a totally original mother of the bride dress.  Our production team will work with you to make your idea happen.

Q: What is the price range of your custom garments?

A: Our custom garments start at $200.  The price will reflect fabric and style selections. Learn more on our custom page.

Orders & Shipping 

Q: Can I get my order expedited?

A: At this time, Kit cannot expedite orders. Each of our garments is individually made for our customers by our talented seamstresses in our Houston, Texas workshop. It takes several days for each pattern to be cut and sewn, and, as such, we cannot expedite a garment. A garment typically takes between two to three weeks from point of sale to fulfillment. 

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Kit begins the fabrication process of each garment the moment you submit your order. A garment may take up to two weeks to be completed and between three to six days for delivery.

Q: How much do shipping and returns cost?

A: All Kit garments are shipped free of cost. Returns and alterations are also free of cost to our customers. If you would like to return or tailor your garment, please contact help@kitmade.co to request a prepaid shipping label. 

Q: How much does it cost to ship a garment for tailoring?

A: Shipping for tailoring is free of cost.

Q: Does Kit ship internationally?

A: At this time, Kit only ships to US addresses. 

Returns, Exchanges, & Tailoring

Q: What if my dress doesn’t fit?

A: We’re perfectionists, so we hope you are 100% satisfied with your garment. If the fit, color or anything else isn't quite right, please let us know and we’ll help you tailor, exchange, or return the dress at no cost with little hassle. Please visit our Tailoring, Exchanges & Returns page drop us a line so we can fix any issues: help@kitmade.co

Q: How does Kit tailor a dress if the customer is not located in Houston?

A: Great question! If the dress doesn't fit just right, we are happy to tailor the garment.  We will ask you a few questions concerning the fit issues, and once you ship the dress back, we will make any required alterations to your garment.  

Q: What is Kit’s Return & Refund Policy?

A: If you’re not happy with your order for any reason, we accept returns within 30 days at no cost.  Please contact help@kitmade.co to request a prepaid USPS shipping label.  Garments must be returned in their original condition to receive a full refund.  

Q: How do I make an exchange?  

A: To complete an exchange, simply go to our Exchanges Page or contact us at help@kitmade.co to begin the process. 

Q: What is Kit's Exchange & Tailoring Policy?

Kit accepts exchanges if the original item is defective, damaged, or does not fit. When exchanging a garment, please do so by using the original packaging and the enclosed shipping label.  

You may make an exchange but keep the original garment until the new garment is received. However, Kit reserves the right to process payment for both garments if the original garment is not returned within 30 days of the receipt of the new garment.

 Q: How much does it cost to tailor my garment? Are there any time restrictions on tailoring?

A: Tailoring a garment is at no cost to the customer. We ask that we receive the garment 30 days from receipt to be tailored.

Payment & Order Processing

If you need to contact us in regards to payment information, please email us at: merin@kitmade.co.