A Day in the Life: Nadya Hajj

A Day in the Life: Nadya Hajj

My name is...   Nadya


My current season in life is...    Containing messes- wiping noses, managing students, edits


I am...    36, wife, mama, crossfitter, professor 


The craziest day of my week is always...   Mondays and Thursdays nonstop from 5:30am til 5:30pm.


I start my day at...   5 am with coffee and a 6:30am CrossFit class


I have to _________ before I can do anything else.

Coffee with coconut milk and a sweat session before I can perform at the office, write a paper, and be a patient wife and mama.


My best 'getting ready for the day' hack is:   Pack my gym bag the night before and keep a separate gym toiletry/makeup kit from my home kit.


I drink _______ cups of ________ a day.

10, water, so much water!


Breakfast is typically....

2 boiled eggs in my car after a workout and shower.  


And then I'm off to...   To lecture and teach from 8:30-11 am at Wellesley College.


In my ideal world I would spend my morning _______ but in reality it looks more like ______.

Working out, long shower, a big breakfast at home, read the paper until 10am.


If I'm lucky I get to eat lunch at _______ and it is _______.

11:30am, big salad in a giant mason jar with ginger miso dressing.   


But, let's be honest, it's usually ________ at _______.

It really is the exact thing above.


And then on to the afternoon, when I'm tackling...

Office hours and my own writing deadlines for articles.


Right now I'm grappling with...

My second book manuscript.   


My evening and dinner routine is...

My husband is the cook and makes dinner, I pick up my daughter at 4:30pm, we eat supper around 5:30 then playtime/bath time/books until 8pm with her!


I aim to get in bed by ______ but it's usually more like ______.

9pm/9:30 to talk with my husband, 8:30pm and I am dead asleep.  


It's been a good day if...

I get a 30 min convo uninterrupted with my husband.  


I couldn't get through the day without _______ and I totally rely on ________.

My husband, my family’s encouragement to make it through challenges.  


Right now I'm feeling ______ about life.



I wish I had more _______ and less _______.

hours to sleep, and less thoughts that keep me up worrying at night.


The best part of my day is....

Finishing a tough workout first thing in the day- I feel like I am ready to take on the world with those endorphins :).


The one thing I try to do every day is _______.

Take five minutes to meditate and breathe. Sometimes it’s in my car before daycare pickup but it is such a great reminder to be present.


The very last three things I do every day are...

Say goodnight to husband, read a book, set my alarm!

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