A Day in the Life: Jolley Frank

A Day in the Life: Jolley Frank

My current season in life is...  Onward and Upward! 


I am...   61, residential interior designer, busy but organized, always trying to fit one more thing into each day, creative thinker, good problem solver, appreciative of the little things and people taking time to help others, love to be outdoors, lots of energy, family always comes first!


The craziest day of my week is always ....  Most days are pretty unpredictable with lots of shifting appointments, deliveries and trying to wedge in some basic errands that I’ve needed to do for weeks! 


I start my day at... 6:30/7:00 AM


I have to _________ before I can do anything else.

Check my emails & calendar for last minute changes or new things I need to do.


My best 'getting ready for the day' hack is:   Put my clothes in the bathroom so they’re ready as soon as I hop out of the shower.


I drink _______ cups of ________ a day.

1-2 decaf lattes - you wouldn’t want to see me on real caffeine!


Breakfast is typically....   yogurt with berries and granola. 


And then I'm off to...   In my car headed to a meetings/showrooms/studio/pick ups and deliveries.


In my ideal world I would spend my morning _______ but in reality it looks more like ______.

Gardening for an hour, then catching up with emails. Instead, I’m flying out the door with my car filled with things to stage bookshelves & a coffee table to drop off for repair.


If I'm lucky I get to eat lunch at _______ and it is _______.

1pm and it would be ideally a nice Greek salad or a wrap.


But, let's be honest, it's usually ________ at _______.

3pm and it’s usually a handful of nuts or a protein bar from the stash in my car.


And then on to the afternoon, when I'm tackling...   Clients, vendors, calling for status of orders, etc.


Right now I'm grappling with...   Keeping up with purchase orders and invoicing. They usually happen at night or on my weekends.


My evening and dinner routine is...   Work at my desk with a glass of wine, quick Plated dinner while watching an hour of a show on Netflix, then more work.


I aim to get in bed by ______ but it's usually more like ______.

10pm but it’s usually 11:30 or 12.


It's been a good day if...   I’ve made every meeting, crossed everything off my list and managed to slip in one or two things from tomorrow’s schedule.


I couldn't get through the day without _______ and I totally rely on ________.

My car, my phone, a bottle of water. I rely on my field assistant, Sheila, and all the craftsmen & service people that I’ve worked with over the past 10 years or more.


Right now I'm feeling ______ about life.   Pretty good!


I wish I had more _______ and less _______.

Time in each day and less distance between my children/granddaughter and me!


The best part of my day is....   Climbing into soft, ironed sheets after a long day.


The one thing I try to do every day is:   Take a minute to appreciate the sights, sounds, and smells around me.


The very last three things I do every day are...   Plug in my phone, drink some water and turn out the light!

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