The Summer Blazer

The Summer Blazer is a casual blazer made for warm days on the go. A casual cut with a rounded hem and collar detail, there is a slight taper in the body. It's not a dramatically fitted blazer with hard edges; it's designed to fold, pack and throw on over a blouse and jeans with ease.


Customizable details include sleeve length, button type, and hem length. We can also add front pockets. Simply mention any alterations you would like in the Custom Request box.          

Got a Question?

So many choices! If you have a question, simply drop us a line at If you'd like to learn more about available fabrics or order a free textile swatch, visit our Fabric page. 


But Wait! How Do I select a size?

We do fit differently: rather than selecting an arbitrary size now, you'll take a quick fit quiz when you create an account. Learn more about The Kit Fit.


How Kit Works

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