Bonbon Boucle

Bonbon Boucle is the kind of fabric you lust after: completely special, something you've never seen before and perfect for nearly any style.   

We call it Bonbon because there is something ineffably French about this fabric: elegance and confidence with just a hint of edge. It's a technically advanced fabric that comes from South Korea. They start with a boucle of multicolored wool - reds and pinks woven together with blue and teal - and then layer on that a grid of recycled plastic. You end up with a textile that has real depth and wow factor. A mid-weight wool, it drapes beautifully and is suitable for both lined and unlined garments. 

With its drape and texture Bonbon is perfect for so many of our styles, but the Lady Jacket has to be one of our favorites - so classic, so 60s chic.    


48% Wool, 41% Acrylic, 11% Recycled Plastic

Care Information

Dry Clean Only