Kit x Of Curated Chaos Antique Quilt Jacket

What happens when a brilliant vintage buyer and dressmaker meet? Antique quilt jackets! Kit and Of Curated Chaos have teamed up to source and design three jacket styles using antique quilts sourced throughout the Texas countryside (and beyond!). During our quilt jacket pre-order, you'll be able to select your particular quilt and customize one of three styles: a classic cropped jacket, a collared barn jacket, and a draped duster. Pre-order jackets begin at $350, with three tiers of quilts ranging in price from $350 to $405. Because each jacket is one of a kind, we'll work with you to pick the exact right quilt and design. Contact us with any questions - - and we'll be in touch to help you find the perfect quilt for your jacket!


Customizable details include pocket type, closure type, and length.             

Got a Question?

So many choices! If you have a question, simply drop us a line at If you'd like to learn more about available fabrics or order a free textile swatch, visit our Fabric page. 


But Wait! How Do I select a size?

We do fit differently: rather than selecting an arbitrary size now, you'll take a quick fit quiz when you create an account. Learn more about The Kit Fit.


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