Metallic Geometric Brocade

Our Geometric Brocade comes from Alpha, a textile company in South Korea known for their high-end printed and patterned fabrics.

This is a mid-weight fabric that falls in full gathers. Its stiffness lends well to styles with significant volume, which makes it ill-suited for very fitted styles. It is shot through with silver and gold metallic threads, giving it a shimmer in light. The Geometric Brocade is a stiff fabric that lacks stretch.  

As a mid-weight fabric, our Geometric Brocade can be worn in most seasons, with the exception of the summer months, though we prefer ours in the fall leading up to the holidays. One of the reasons we chose it: it's a rare-machine washable formal fabric.  


70% Polyester, 17% Polyamid, 13% Metallic

Care Information

Machine wash cold, hang dry. Dry clean friendly.