The 'Wear Now' Romper

When you're safely sheltering at home you go through a number of stages of dressing: start with sweats, work your way up to athleisure. When you're finally ready to get dressed again, to look and feel nice - but still really comfortable (like elastic waist comfortable) - why not through on a happy little Romper. A loose fit, stretchy waist, full comfortable short, button closure on the wrap v-neck, and pockets are paired with easy, machine washable cottons. We're waiting on some Indian block printed fabrics, but love it in all of our cottons. 


There aren't many customizable details, but we're happy to entertain any design ideas you might have. We can also eliminate the pockets. Simply mention any alterations you would like in the Custom Request box.          

Got a Question?

So many choices! If you have a question, simply drop us a line at If you'd like to learn more about available fabrics or order a free textile swatch, visit our Fabric page. 


But Wait! How Do I select a size?

We do fit differently: rather than selecting an arbitrary size now, you'll take a quick fit quiz when you create an account. Learn more about The Kit Fit.

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