The Classic Coat

We love coats, but often find that many are too heavy and have too much going on. We yearned for a super simple silhouette that showcased a beautiful fabric and, if we want it, a fun button. So we went ahead and designed our very first coat to be just that: a straight cut silhouette that works with a number of fabrics and closure types. 


Customizable details include lining, pocket type, closure type, and hem length. We can also eliminate the pockets or add a 3/4 length sleeve. Simply mention any alterations you would like in the Custom Request box.          

Got a Question?

So many choices! If you have a question, simply drop us a line at If you'd like to learn more about available fabrics or order a free textile swatch, visit our Fabric page. 


But Wait! How Do I select a size?

We do fit differently: rather than selecting an arbitrary size now, you'll take a quick fit quiz when you create an account. Learn more about The Kit Fit.


How Kit Works

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